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How To Play Blackjack With Couples: The Strategy To Win

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Playing blackjack pairs means receiving two of the same cards. Attention, not of equal value, just the same: for example, 5-5 is a pair in blackjack, while KJ is not, although both the king and the jack have a value of 10 because the pair is the only combination of starting cards that in blackjack allows you to split , that is to divide your hand into two separate ones, doubling the amount bet but thus being able to play substantially with two different hands at the same time. This means having more chances to win … but also to lose, if you don’t know how to play them!

Blackjack, Pairs To Always Split

There are basically two: the pair of aces and the pair of 8s . The pair of aces is good to split whenever you have the opportunity, since the ace is the strongest and most versatile card ever in blackjack: with any card worth 10 (a 10, but also a jack, a queen or a king) you would in fact do blackjack, that is 21 points with only two cards.

It goes without saying that receiving one ace is more than excellent news, let alone receiving two! The aces must always be split, therefore, regardless of what the dealer shows. And it doesn’t hurt if after splitting the pair of aces a ten does not arrive: the ace can be worth both 10 and 1, so there is no possibility of busting and even if you receive a bad card, such as a 4, there would still be still ample room for improvement by calling another one.

The pair of 8s, on the other hand, must be split because its overall score of 16 (8 + 8) does not make you sleep peacefully. The dealer, in fact, in blackjack is forced to call cards until he gets at least 17 points, that is, one more than the hypothetical 16 above. Furthermore, by splitting the 8s, you have the possibility of receiving an ace or a 10 (or figure), which would improve your hands making them a 19 or an 18.

Blackjack, Pairs To Never Split

There is only one pair in blackjack that no expert will ever advise you to split, not even in online blackjack , and that’s the pair of fives . The cards that make up this pair, in fact, if taken individually are very weak: think about what would happen if you received a card of value 10. You would have a very bad 15 with which you would be afraid of going bust asking for another card, but also fear of losing sight the rather poor value of your score.

Therefore, the pair of 5s should never be split, but can be doubled (like all combinations of initial cards with a value of 9, 10 or 11): however, do it only when the dealer shows a card from 2 to 9, otherwise just call another card without multiplying your bet x2.

The Other Couples

All other pairs in blackjack can be split when the best conditions are met to increase the odds of winning and minimize the odds of losing. For example, the pair of 9s is good to split only if the dealer has a card between 2 and 9 (7 excluded), otherwise it is better to stop on the score of 18.

The pair of 7s , on the other hand, can be split to be played as two separate hands when the dealer shows a card from 2 to 7. Similar speech for the pair of 6 : if the dealer has a 2, a 3, a 4, a A 5 or a 6 is right to split, otherwise it’s better to hit. When is it right to split the pair of 4s ? When the dealer’s visible card is a 5 or a 6.

Finally, the pair of 3s and the pair of 2s are played in the same way: if the dealer has an open card between 2 and 7, then he splits. In any other case, the advice is to simply call another card and reassess the situation.

Tricks And Strategies To Win At Blackjack


To increase your chances of winning at blackjack you don’t have to cheat. Among other things, cheating has become much more difficult, because the software that manages digital matches today have sophisticated security systems. It is therefore better not to waste time trying to cheat, but rather to inquire about the possible legal tricks that can increase the chances of winning.

Two Card Method

The two-card method is used by many players, although it has no mathematical proof. However, it seems that it can be advantageous as a playing strategy and that it can show its benefits especially when playing multiple hands.

This is basically the choice to request paper or be based on the value achieved with the first two cards. If the player has received two cards that together reach a score greater than or equal to 14, it is convenient not to ask for further cards. Instead, it is advisable to ask for an additional card if the first two have a total value between 10 and 13 and to ask for two additional cards if the total value has not reached 10 points.

The two card method, very popular among players all over the world, is part of the different strategies and rules of blackjack . As mentioned, it cannot be said from a mathematical point of view that this strategy always leads to victory, but it is certainly a more advantageous strategy than making random decisions.

Take Advantage Of Splitting

Blackjack players are given the opportunity to split the cards to increase the chances of winning. The typical example is that of the two aces: the value of the ace can be 1 or 11 depending on the hand, so it means that two aces together will only reach 12 in total value. For this reason it is always recommended to take advantage of the splitting if you receive two aces, because by playing the two aces separately the chances of winning will increase. The same advice also applies when rolling two eights.

The splitting is not recommended, if the dealer gives the player a pair of tens. In this case it is better to stick to the score of twenty, avoiding playing the two tens separately because this in most cases would not lead to any advantage.

Counting Cards Is Convenient?

Many believe that the best way to win at blackjack is to count cards. In reality the casinos authorized by AAMS , both digital and traditional, have equipped themselves to discourage this behavior and have implemented countermeasures. Instead of using a single deck, for example, the dealer uses multiple decks of cards.

In addition, the dealers are instructed to shuffle the cards before they are completely exhausted, thus preventing the players from keeping track. Learning to count cards without making mistakes is also a complex method, you need a lot of experience and for novice players it will not be easy at all. Ultimately, card counting is not one of the best strategies for winning this game.

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